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Meet The Keepers

This is our very first blog so we thought we would use this time to tell you a little more about who we are and why we set up Keepers.

We are two sisters who have grown up in Kerry. At different times, we both moved away and lived lives in Cork, Dublin, Stockholm, London & Australia but have returned here to our happy place (it’s not called the Kingdom for nothing, let me tell you).

We know what we like and we wanted to share this with you through Keepers. It’s a collection of lovely things, the things you would see in our own homes if you walked through the door. They are the things you would point out or comment on and want to know (and maybe didn’t want to ask!) where did you find that?

Keepers is a collection of things that are beautiful, unusual and eclectic. We won’t just have an item because trend dictates: it needs to mean more and last more than trends. And while we refer to trends and recognise how they inform our behaviour, they are not necessarily our primary point of reference. We add things to our homes and lives that enhance that space and make us happy. We don’t just add to the clutter and noise.

Sometimes something makes the cut out of pure nostalgia: a candle fragrance that sweeps us right back to the 1980s that reminds us of a powder puff from our mum’s dressing table (that we absolutely should not have been messing with) or a print that brings us back to vinyl records that Santa left under the Christmas tree or a kitsch coloured vase sitting on a dining table near a bottle of Blue Nun and some Vienneta ice cream.

So if you are looking for something that’s a little less ordinary, you’ve come to the right place. Lovely things that you will want to hold on to or if you are lucky enough, lovely things that you will receive as a gift.

Sure look it, isn’t that it?


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