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Beautiful, handcrafted tapered candles in melon sorbet, by Ester & Erik, a small Danish family run business. Artisans and experts in creating the most elegant tapered candles. The colour is a soft pastel orange, with a hint of warm sherbert. Amazing 11 hours of burn time due to the traditional hand dipped method, this also makes these candles clear & steady flamed. All Ester & Erik candles are hand-coloured using durable, water-based dyes which do not fade in sunlight. Traditionally hand dipped. Dimensions: 42cm x 2.6cm. These candles are sold as a bundle of 4.11 hour burn time. Non drip. Soot free. Odourless & allergy free. Self extinguishing when they reach the bottom

42cm Tapered Candle - Melon Sorbet


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